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Code Of Ethics

As a professional Tarot reader, I follow this Code of Ethics:

1. I will serve my clients and aim to help them find practical and empowering solutions and provide positive direction and guidance. It is my intention when doing a reading to serve the best interests of the client and all involved without causing harm or deceiving them.

2. While I will provide guidance and insight, I will not make any definitive statements or predictions or take away my clients’ free will.

3. My clients will be responsible for their decisions and actions following a Tarot reading.

4. I will read the cards honestly and openly, and if I cannot interpret the cards clearly, I will tell you so.

5. When you engage with my services, I will collect certain information for the purpose of providing accurate readings tailored specifically to you. Rest assured that this information is used solely for that purpose and will never be shared without your consent.

6. My readings are non-judgmental, and I welcome clients from all cultures, religions, spiritual paths, sexual orientations, and gender identities.

7. I will not do a reading for anyone other than my client, nor will I do a reading for anyone under 18.

8. In areas where I am not qualified, I will not provide advice. A client who requires a medical professional, financial advisor, psychologist, lawyer, accountant, or other professional service I am not qualified for will be encouraged to seek that service from someone who is.

9. As I continue to learn and grow, I will strive to improve my Tarot reading skills.

10. If I feel I am unable to answer a question or if it violates my code of ethics, I may refuse to do a reading.


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